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Voss Botanicals

Ylang Ylang and Mango Lip Balm

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YLANG YLANG & MANGO LIP BALM is used to help add moisture your lips, repair damage, and improve elasticity.

It comes in a tube (0.20 oz/5.6g net weight), one tube - slightly sweetened, goes on clear and unisex.

Some of its benefits to your lips:

· Promotes collagen production: Because it’s rich in vitamin C, mango butter can help encourage the production of collagen, which helps give your lips shape and strength. Adequate collagen promotes a firmer appearance, reducing the look of sagging and bagging.

· Natural source of vitamin A: Mango butter is a natural source of vitamin A, it helps to stimulate the cells responsible for keeping skin firm, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and increasing skin’s overall youthful look.

Fades scars
Treats dry skin
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Protects from sun damage
Soothes sunburn
Calms insect bites and poison ivy
Treats small wounds

Another ingredient in our LIP BALM is YLANG YLANG essential oil. It is extremely effective in maintaining moisture and oil balance of the skin and keeps it looking hydrated, smooth, and young.

Includes organic Coconut Oil & Beeswax as well.

Try our organic Ylang Ylang & Mango Lip Balm. Your lips will thank you.


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