Stretch marks are basically small scars located in the middle layer of your skin (dermis) that are visible in the top layer of skin (epidermis). They form when rapid weight gain or hormonal changes stretch the skin beyond its ability to repair itself. That’s why they’re called stretch marks.

Your skin has an amazing ability to stretch and adapt thanks to its collagen and elastin fibers. But when your skin stretches too fast or too far, it can tear slightly. When this happens, your body will immediately start working to heal the new scars. Despite our body’s natural defense mechanisms, small scars can still show up once everything is healed.

Every woman’s body and every pregnancy is different, but if you do develop stretch marks, you’ll probably start noticing them at the end of the second trimester or sometime during the third trimester. They usually form on a pregnant mom’s stomach, thighs, bottom, hips, and chest.

A great way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is to keep your skin hydrated. You’re likely used to doing that with your face and neck, but you may have to start hydrating other parts of your body as well.

We find that the best solution is to apply an all-natural Soothing Moisturizing Balm to your stomach, hips, thighs, and chest at least twice a day. Hydrating balms and creams work by increasing your skin’s elasticity. This allows your skin to expand and grow without tearing and forming stretch marks.

Make sure you choose a balm that is safe for pregnant women and has been proven safe for both mom and baby. For the best results, apply the moisturizing balm after your shower to maximize your skin’s ability to defend against stretch marks.

Our all natural Bee Lotion is perfect for hydrating and helping with stretch marks.