I know that washing your face with oil may sound a little odd at first, but trust me—this ancient secret is a great way to cleanse and nourish your skin! The reason oil cleansing works is basic chemistry, specifically, the principle that like-dissolves-like. Using nourishing organic oils to clean your face helps break up the grime that gets caught in your skin’s natural sebum.

Step One: Select a Base Oil

One of my favorite base oils for oil cleansing is organic jojoba oil. It’s wonderful because it’s very similar in structure to our skin’s natural sebum. Fun fact: jojoba oil is a liquid plant wax and not an oil. This makes its shelf life and stability considerably higher than many other actual oils. Organic avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, hemp oil and olive oil are marvelous base oil choices as well.


Step Two: Customize for Your Skin Type

One of the best things about oil cleansing is that you can customize the blend to fit your specific skin needs. If you have normal or slightly oily skin, using only a base oil might be perfect for you. If you tend to have drier skin, a blend of one part nourishing oil to three parts base oil can help bring your complexion back into balance. If you have combination or very oily skin, start with a blend of one part astringent oil to five parts base oil. Depending on your skin type, you can increase the astringent oil up to a ratio of one part astringent oil to three parts base oil. If your skin feels tight when you’re done cleansing, reduce the amount of astringent oil in your formulation.



· Organic argan oil 

· Organic borage seed oil 

· Organic pomegranate seed oil 

· Organic rosehip seed oil 

· Organic seabuckthorn oil 

· Organic shea nut oil 

· Organic tamanu oil



· Organic castor oil 

· Organic grapeseed oil 

· Organic hazelnut oil 

· Organic hemp seed oil 

· Organic pumpkin seed oil



  • 1 tsp. organic rosehip seed oil
  • 3 tsp. organic jojoba oil or other organic base oil (see "Step One" above for suggestions)
  • (optional) add 10 – 20 drops of your chosen essential oil (s).


1. Using a small funnel, combine rosehip seed and jojoba oils in a 2 ounce amber glass bottle with a dropper or a secure lid. Put the lid on. 

2. Slowly roll the bottle between your hands to combine the oils. 

3. Splash warm water onto face.

4. Put enough oil onto your fingertips (about the size of a pea). 

5. Massage into your face in upward circles for about a minute. 

6. If you wear mascara and eye makeup, gently rub an extra small amount onto your lids and lashes. 

7. Run a washcloth under hot water, wring it out, and place over your face for about a minute.

8. Rinse the washcloth with warm water and wipe away any oil still on your face.

9. Finish with your favorite toner and moisturizer.

Comment below on how you like the recipe & results.

  Ref: https://blog.mountainroseherbs.com/