This wonderful green vegetable can be used directly on your skin as well as taken internally.    

1. Asparagus contains properties that protect the skin cells from harmful toxins, As a side effect, the skin gets lighter as it shields the skin from free radicals responsible for skin pigmentation & blemishes. 

2. Asparagus contains vitamins A & C. These boost production of collagen fibers that help keep skin smooth and firm.  

3. Reduces acne.  

4. Reduces water puffiness. With a high vitamin K content, along with vitamin A, this helps detoxify the body and remove excess water.  

5. Controls hair fall out. The high vitamin and calcium content adds more strength to the roots of your hair.    

DIY Recipe for an asparagus face mask 


1. Asparagus – use the whole piece including the stalk. Use 2 to 4 stalks   

2. Kiwi fruit – peel the skin off. Use 1     

3. Witchhazel – Use 1 tbsp

4. Elderflower. Can be steeped in water to make a strong tea. Use ¼ cup. Can be purchased thru Amazon here:   

5. Bentonite clay. – 4 tbsp. Can be purchased thru Amazon here:   

6. Runny honey – 1 tsp.   

How to make your mask:   

Puree in a blender asparagus, kiwi fruit, witchhazel & elderflower tea. 

Pour into a glass bowl. 

Add bentonite clay and honey. Stir well. Pour into sealed container. 

Can be used twice a week. 

Recommend keeping in refrigerator.

Leftovers will stay fresh in a sealed container for up to 4 days.

How to use:

Apply to steamed face or after wetting face with warm water to open your pores. Recommended dose is light layer to face but avoid eye area. This amount varies person to person depending on desired thickness. More is not always better. Start light and build up with further usage. 

Allow 5 minutes to penetrate facial skin.

Rinse off with cool water.

Let us know how you like the results. Comment below.