This easy to make pre-poo potty spray eliminates bathroom odors by creating a barrier of essential oils trapping bad smells under the toilet water. Spray before you go and there’s no need to worry about unpleasant odors escaping. This spray is readily biodegradable, and the high amount of vegetable glycerin means there is no need for additional preservation.                 

Equipment You'll Need 

· Stick blender or whisk 

· Measuring cups and spoons 

· Mixing bowl or beaker  

Difficulty Level: Easy

Approximate yield: Approximately 16 ounces

Suggested Packaging: 2 oz opaque bottle with fine mist spray top (good for   approximately 100 sprays)  


3/4 Cup (37%) distilled water

1 1/8 Cup (60%) Vegetable Glycerin

3 Tsp (3%) Essential oil of your choice                 


  1. Mix together the vegetable glycerin and the essential oil in your mixing bowl.   
  2. Slowly add the distilled water while vigorously mixing with your whisk or stick blender. You will have better results with your stick blender but whisking will work, it just takes more effort.   
  3. Pour into your selected packaging.   

To use: Spray into toilet water before you use it.

Comment below. Let us know how it worked for you.