Why Exfoliate

That top layer of your skin, also known as the epidermis, serves a couple very important purposes: to protect what’s underneath, and to produce new skin cells. But as you get older, this new skin cell regeneration, or cell turnover, slows down. This leads to dead skin cells accumulating, often resulting in dull skin, clogged pores, and rough texture. Using an exfoliator can help smooth and improve skin texture, unclog pores, and even help with acne. We have designed a scrub that you can use one a week to help get your skin in good shape.

How To Exfoliate

 As for how often or when to use a face scrub, that all boils down to your skin type and how potent or active your scrub is. For men with more sensitive skin, I recommend exfoliating no more than once weekly, while men with thick and oily skin may tolerate exfoliating every other day. If you think you don’t need a scrub because you have dry skin, think again. The truth is most skin types will benefit from exfoliating. The key to scrubbing dry skin is enlisting a more gentle approach and milder formula. However, if you’re a guy with super sensitive or rosacea-prone skin, I advise that you steer clear of scrubs altogether, as they may exacerbate facial redness and capillary formation. (If you’re still unsure of your actual skin type and how often you should scrub, ask your dermatologist or aesthetician for guidance.) 

After determining your skin type, slowly work an exfoliator into your weekly grooming regimen. Use a face scrub either in the morning or evening before bed and at least three to four times a week. 

The following steps will help you achieve blemish-free skin:

  • Wet your face and neck with lukewarm warm
  • Apply a quarter-sized amount of product on your fingertips
  • Start on the neck using gentle, circular movements
  • Work your way up to the face and avoid the eye area
  • Rinse off with warm water

You should use a cleanser on your face before applying a scrub, but if you don’t have time to cleanse, a face scrub will work as a cleanser and exfoliator.