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Sea Salt Benefits For Your Skin & Body

Salt soap

Why is Sea Salt good for skin?

The mineral value of sea salt has been used to increase skins vitality, healing, and appearance for many years. Many people who have eczema, psoriasis, slow healing diabetic wounds, acne, or other skin conditions report a lessening of irritations, and improvements after using being in the Ocean salts or using sea salts at home. Sea Salt delivers as many as 75 minerals and trace elements. Different ocean salts, have different percentages of these minerals.

Another main benefit of sea salt bath is that the magnesium helps in getting rid of dry skin. Magnesium improves the texture of skin and skin hydration. You can get an improved tone by bathing in sea salt. The permeability of skin improves and it helps to deliver the oxygen to all cells of the skin effectively. Thus, you can get glowing and fresh skin after bathing in sea salt water.

Sea salt is also known for its anti microbial properties. It can provide you therapeutic benefits as well. Bathing with sea salt helps to kill harmful bacteria and germs that are present in your skin. It gives relief from inflammatory diseases of the skin. It is found to be an effective product for Candida infections. It helps women to get rid of recurrent attacks of vaginitis as well.

All that being said... try a bar today. We offer Himalayan or Hawaiian Black Lava Salt bars.



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