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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, with your Skin, What Do You Do?

The oil from the rose

has been known to be an anti-inflammatory and has prevented and reduced scarring. This includes the fading of stretch marks, surgery scars, and fat cracks associated with pregnancy and delivery. Much of this is due to the antioxidant activity of rose essential oil, which spurs on the healing processes of the skin.
There is yet another beneficial property of Rose Oil. It stimulates the hormone secretions which trigger menstruation. It is particularly effective on those who are suffering from obstructed and irregular menses. It also eases cramps, nausea, and fatigue while reducing the pain associated with menstruation and Post-Menopausal Syndrome. And from Cupid himself to modern day’s high tech lovers, everyone knows how indispensable roses are in the romantic department. So calming. Enjoy this little treasure in all it's glory and it's giving benefits to you.

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