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Rosemary Essential Oil Is a Wonderful Addition to Your Hair Care Regime

Did you know ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL is a favorite plant of German-Swiss botanist & physician Paracelsus? He believed this oil was an overall hair strengthening herb which stimulates hair growth, nourishing the scalp and slowing down premature hair loss.
It's a wonderful addition to your hair care regime & can be added to formulas of all kinds, or simply use it as its own rinse. It can also lower cortisol, "the stress hormone", levels in your body which basically acts as a natural calming agent & helps to boost your immune system as well. So enjoy this side benefit from Mother Nature while rinsing your hair knowing that you need not worry about adding harmful chemicals to your scalp. The scent is appetizing and refreshing to boot.
As a fun fact for those who love etymology: the word is derived from the latin word "ros marinus" meaning "rose or dew of the sea".
Can this oil be used for my pet? You betcha! It stimulates hair growth and helps produce shiny long as your animal has a coat of hair to stimulate. (wouldn't recommend trying it on a lion, tiger or bear tho) Hope this gives you some good ideas to try or use. Enjoy!

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