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It Truly Matters What You Put on Your Skin.

Earl Grey Tea Soap

Voss Botanicals has developed SKIN SUDS ®, an All Natural Soap product line. We use only the best natural oils, butters and botanicals. We will NEVER use Phthalates, Sulfates, Artificial Colors or Artificial Fragrances. Our artisan soap bricks are available now for the holidays.

One new ingredient we will introduce to our product line: Bergamot oil. This is taken from a plant that produces a type of citrus fruit & the oil is taken from the peel of the fruit. It will be an infusion in our Earl Grey Tea Soap along with coconut & sweet almond oil. A sudsy delight with Mango butter & lemongrass essential oil as well as Earl Grey tea to help brighten your skin as well as hydrate it. Get ready for a special treat. Great for the change of weather that comes with cold weather and you'll smell so fresh and look so great.

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