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Helichrysum. The Natural Anti-Inflammatory Pain Reliever

Helichrysum plant

Helichrysum essential oil

is highly prized in the anti aging skin care world for its potent skin healing properties that effectively reduce scars and promote regeneration. It increases blood flow to the skin (which is absolutely crucial if one wants to have a glowing complexion), provides wrinkle fighting anti oxidants, reduces inflammation, and is gentle enough for use on sensitive skin.

When used as a massage oil after a work out, it has been known to help provide quick relief from muscle spasms and to strengthen and protect the nervous system. As the body is detoxifying after strain, this powerful oil helps remove toxic substances from the body.

To top it all off, Helichrysum is actually a moisturizing essential oil, and actually soothes and nourishes skin that is dry, sensitive, and irritated. The flowers were dried and offered to the Greek gods as offerings.

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