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DIY - Create Your Own Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm

Homemade lip balm is so easy to make ...

& so much better than store bought. We can teach you how to make one basic formula and you can create an almost unlimited variety of personalized balms and glosses. Plus, they make wonderful gifts that will amaze your friend and family.

If you want to learn how, let us know and we will help you create your very own in a class. We want to do this in the Tampa Bay Florida area so let us know if you are interested in doing this.


Some of the basic herbs & flowers to consider infusing in your lip balm are:

Basil - it repairs your damaged lips

Calendula is healing

Lemon Balm fights the virus that causes cold sores

Rose is soothing

Sunflower petals are conditioning

Some oils to consider are:

Apricot is good for sensitive skin

Avocado oil is nourishing

Coconut oil is the "it" of oils and melts easily and is so hydrating

Grapeseed oil is light and absorbs quickly

Olive oil is an all purpose oil and is a wonderful for all skin types

Sunflower oil is light and heals damaged skin

Sweet almond oil softens your lips

So there you go. Please comment below if you would like to attend a class. We supply all the ingredients, you show up and make your gifts to give to your family and friends. What could be better than a gift made by you. Limited seating and not available after December 22nd.

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