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Babassu Oil: A Better Alternative to Coconut Oil For Beauty?

Babassu Nut OilVS.Coconut Nut Oil

There’s a new oil gaining popularity among natural beauty junkies and it’s just as scrumptious for hair and skin—if not more so. Babassu oil boasts super moisturizing properties that heal dry skin and improve skin’s elasticity. It also contains lauric and myristic acids, fatty acids that are a treat for hair. Turns out babassu oil is one fabulous natural beauty secret. 

How it’s made

This moisturizing oil comes from babassu palm trees, which grow in Brazil. The oil is extracted from kernels of the trees’ nuts. When the nuts ripen and fall to the ground, women called “babassu breakers” gather the nuts and break them open. (Side note: Babassu trees are an important economic resource for Brazil. When scoping out organic beauty products with babassu oil, be sure to look for Fair Trade options.) The meat of the nuts is then extracted and cold-pressed into an oil. 

Babassu oil vs. Coconut oil

So, how does babassu oil measure up to coconut oil? They’re really quite similar. If you already love slathering coconut oil on dry skin and using it to condition your hair, you’ll also love babassu oil. Like coconut oil, babassu oil starts out in a soft solid form. It has a light consistency, and once you apply it to skin, your body heat melts the oil into a liquid form. Both babassu oil and coconut oil are great moisturizing options for those with sensitive skin. Unlike coconut oil, babassu oil doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. It actually leaves a cooling sensation on skin. Plus, it won’t weigh down hair, like coconut oil does with certain hair types. Babassu is also a bit gentler and won’t clog skin pores, leading to less breakouts compared to coconut oil.

Voss Botanicals uses babassu oil instead of coconut oil in our Rose Petals & Cream and Cucumber & Aloe Artisan Soaps along with our Beard Oil for men. 

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