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Harmful Effects of Commercial Soap

Did you know that the Food & Drug Administration proclaims that today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid & solid, are actually synthetic detergent products.

There was once a time when all soap was handmade. At the turn of the 19th century everything changed. Industrial manufacturing and the small handmade soap makers were pushed out by bigger companies. The valuable product from handmade batches, glycerin, was removed and sold in other products.The glycerin-free soap was mixed with cheap synthetic ingredients to imitate true soap and was sold much cheaper than traditional soap makers could compete with.

Exactly what do you need in your product?

There are so many natural oils, butters, plant extracts and exfoliants that can be used in real soap. These ingredients are genuinely good for your skin and overall health. Real soap not only cleans you but can make you feel healthier & feel a lot better too.

So, if you are looking to try out natural handmade soap, ours contains all natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals or perfumes.

Do your body a favor, order a bar of our soap today and let us know your feedback.



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